At the leading edge of Coaching & Organisational Wellness

Happy and healthy people are more profitable. Our business has been founded to provide practicalsupport to organisations achieve the business environment they want, attract and retain people better and deliver an optimal working culture. Our processes, assessments, technologies and methodologies have been designed to ensure they will empower, not alienate, all those we work with. In fact our 28 Associates are some of the leading minds in thier areas and are often published or occupy academic leadership positions within thier areas.

This is all supported by our unique personal change assessment process which looks at the whole person across health, history, beliefs, environment, personality and learning styles. From this we build bespoke programs that are designed to improve the person’s health, happiness & workplace performance. Coaching forms a significant part of this taking an approach that leverages a range of methodologies and technologies. These programs can be applied individually or across entire working populations at all levels.

Executive Science helps our clients look at the organisational wellness of their businesses, departments, specific teams or individuals. Here we examine your people's needs within the framework of your business drivers, then design the change programs the business and it's people need to meet the organisational objectives. This is then implemented via our coaching and organisational wellness associates.

Happier people who believe their organisation both support and deliver against their needs perform better. We provide you that platform and significantly improve your employer brand.


Helping your people become all they can be

Executive Science works with some of the most accomplished leadership and executive coaches in the market. Our process is bespoke to each person’s needs and leverages exactly the technologies, methodologies and people the suit the needs and personality of our coachees.

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equality, diversity & inclusion

Because diversity drives growth

Executive Science is committed to creating fair, diverse & inclusive environments that drive our client's growth and value. We offer workshops, seminar learning all augmented by our specialist identification, advisory and coaching services to create sustainable individual and organisational behavioural change.

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Organisational WELLness

Realising the potential of your people

Businesses are a complex network of individuals, each with different needs and drivers. Our network of coaches, mediators, nutritionists and business mentors can design and implement exactly the individual program each person in your organisation needs to reach their optimum.

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What we know, we share

Executive Science and a number of carefully selected partners, produce regular thought leadership articles, interviews and hosted debates on various topics relating to our sectors or leadership and talent development. These are updated monthly and anyone is welcome to register interest as a content partner.

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Time, reclaimed

We understand how difficult it can be to generate perspective when you are in the working environment. This is why we offer a range of completely bespoke retreats that give you the distance from work you need to see clearly. Our coaches, wellness professionals and locations will take you where you need to go.

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The science of making the right choice

It is only by understanding your poeple that we can stimulate change of any type. This is why our assessment methodology, the effective use of psychometrics and other tools are so central to our processes. By knowing your people we can build exactly the right programs which, in turn, will generate exactly what is needed.

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Making work eaier and less manual

Technology is having a greater impact on our lives than ever before and is more accessible, affordable and effective than at any point in our history. Our business examines the needs of your people and leverages technology to improve thier performance, content and happiness through application and traning

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Getting your people working together

Before stimulating wider change you must first understand how teams work together and interact. Furthermore, by getting groups to understand these dynamics themselves within the group itself is hugely powerful. Our people design and facilitate this work to help create high performing teams or heal disfunctional ones.

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