Individual Programs of Change


Our business brings together some of the leading thinkers in the arena of behavioural change, coaching and wellness. We have been founded to provide the strategic and practical support to organisations needed to achieve the business environment they want, improve attraction and retention, and deliver more productive and positive working cultures for our clients. Our programs of learning, assessments, technologies and methodologies have been designed to ensure they will empower, not alienate, all those we work with.

This is all supported by our unique personal change assessment process, which looks at the whole person across health, history, beliefs, environment, personality and learning styles. From this we build bespoke programs that are designed to improve the person’s health, happiness and workplace performance. These programmes can be applied individually or across entire working populations at all levels.

72% of senior employees reported experiencing work related stress in 2018, and only 31% of employees are engaged at work. This isn’t what people or businesses want, nor is it necessary. Our business processes not only identify disengagement causation and develop a plan, but implement it and then embed the learning so it sustainable.

— David Mahoney, Founder of Executive Science

Executive Science helps our clients look at the organisational wellness of their businesses, departments, specific teams and even individuals. We examine your people's needs within the framework of your business drivers. We then design the change programmes, modelled against your business and its people, to meet the organisational objectives.

Happier people who believe their organisation both support and deliver against their needs perform better.