Organisational Wellness


At Executive Science, we help our clients change the culture and/or behaviours within their businesses. Very often it isn’t the validity of the business strategy that causes companies to fail, but their people and the organisational culture. By creating a happier and more harmonious workplace, we help our clients to meet their business objectives.

We recognise that many of our client know that change is needed, but may need some help identifying exactly what needs to be different or how to implement it. For this we have developed our Exective Science Consulting model:

Organisational Well - ES Consulting Model

This model allows us to identify the behaviours of your people and how these behaviours are impacting others. We then develop your organisation so it is prepared and accepting of the required change before then working with the critical individuals who will act as it’s conduit. After implementation we then audit our work and it’s impact to determine the success of the project and what further action may be needed. This means that the changes are sustainable as they are enacted against your true needs and implemented on an individual and companywide level. We then make ourselves accountable to you via assessing the impact of the work we do with you.

Executive Science will deliver larger change projects across all levels and functions of the business, as well as the smaller individual projects. To achieve this, we work with some of the most recognised names in academia and business within their specialist areas to help support real behavioural change within your business. Our consultations make no assumptions. This allows for our solutions to be tailored to your specific needs. This is why we offer targetting consulting for those businesses who have identified specific needs:

Strategies often fail due to the actions of the people within a business rather than the business strategy. Our business provides practical support to help drive engagement so you can make your vision a reality.

- David Mahoney, Founding Director, Executive Science