search firms on average only successfully place 60% of their mandates and of these placements’ clients are satisfied with the performance of less than 40% of cases.

Our founder, David Mahoney, worked in the recruitment and search sector for over 15 years. During that time he studied the different assessment methodologies, interview techniques, technologies, job briefing and onboarding processes. This was with the view to create a lower risk process that could be integrated into client’s processes. He was also concerned with how existing processes could be used to generate actionable insights, increasing the strategic input of internal recruitment functions to the business.

The risks around external hires are well documented, though it seems to me little has been done by search or recruitment firms to mitigate these risks. One of the reasons I set up the business, to help businesses improve the performance of internal recruitment teams navigate these challenges in a way external firms seem unwilling to do.
— David Mahoney, Founder of Executive Science

Our business will look at your existing processes, provider performance and offer practical solutions improve your function. This work is across the life-cycle of your process and is designed to be imbedded into your business, rather than creating a need for our services. This work spans across:

  • Briefing, job descriptions and analysis tools

  • Recruitment strategy optimisation

  • Attraction & approach

  • Assessment methodologies, design and implementation

  • Reporting and insight

  • Candidate reporting and early career development

  • Onboarding effectiveness