ACCORDING TO RESEARCH, Nearly 1 in 3 individuals struggle with retirement (Wang, M., Journal Of Applied Psychology, 2007)

Retirement is an area that people are rarely prepared for, either financially or emotionally. This can impact on every area of a person’s life, and we support individuals through the transition to retirement. Getting the right financial and life plans in place allows people the emotional freedom, not only to enjoy their retirement, but also to perform at work. Worrying about finishing work can create significant stress, which in turn can impact sleep, both critical factors on workplace performance.

Retirement is a significant life transition, but is nevertheless one in which people generally lack resources and support. Following her graduate degree, our thought leader in this area, Pauline Johnson-Zielonka, PhD, conducted a review of scientific studies on the challenges and adjustments individuals face in the retirement transition. This research now forms the basis of her current work around retirement transitions and her book The Retirement Plan.

Pauline's background in organisational psychology also brings a unique perspective to life planning for retirement, and allows her to apply many of the innovative tools and ideas from this field to support people transitioning to retirement. Much of her previous work involved fitting the right person with the right job, in order to enhance both wellbeing and performance. She believes a similar approach may be taken with retirement—helping individuals design a retirement lifestyle that fits their needs and preferences, and enhances their overall wellbeing. Her blend of experience and knowledge in different areas lends a unique, in-depth, and individualised approach to retirement planning.